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Reds and Blues

Written by: Clara Alcott
Directed by: Clara Alcott
Heaven Gallery

A truly dark and dismal life for Anna, a dental hygenist, becomes even more macabre as the tyrannical dentist, Dr. Pico, delivers serious pain with no medication. Clara Alcott's hyper-real horror short is scheduled for release this year.

What They Said:

"This is a business, and it’s a tough business, heartless. Not for the meek."

— Dr. Pico, Hell's Dentist

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A Perfect Manhattan

Written by: Brad Taylor
Directed by: Dean Berdusis
Produced by: Laura Szymber
Axiom Megamedia

Featured in The Chicago and L.A. International Film Festivals and shot locally in Chicago at the hospitable Edgewater bar, The Long Room, this Mamet inspired short was a joy to work on as it featured the heroic veteran actor Danny Goldring as a disgruntled patron and myself as the bartender just trying to get through the day. With friendly appearances by the hard ass James Zoccoli and the contemplative Rich Cotovsky.  Shot and edited by Brian Kallies with original music by Brando Triantafillou and the incredibly committed production trio of Dean, Brad, and Laura this was a dream team experience.

What They Said:

"Larry brought a razor-sharp intensity to the role and held it with pitch-perfect consistency. He's simply a gift to work with."

— Dean Berdusis, Film Director

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Average Citizen

Written by: Mike Roe
Directed by: Mike Roe
Dictionary Films

Nothing like a battle of egos amongst the power hungry execs of corporate America over minutae.  The conference room debate pitted me against my inept colleagues so that all the worst sides of my A type personality could be unleashed.  When a humanoid takes revenge in the wrong room, hope remains farfetched and karma catches up.

What They Said:

"Larry is a consummate pro and a blast to work with. Super talented. Super nice. Super tall."

— Mike Roe, Director/Writer

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Written by: Mike Roe
Directed by: Mike Roe
Produced by: Dictionary Films

Suburban high school angst hits a fever pitch for a boy whose split personality divides him from any semblance of a redeeming social life. I got to belittle the teen’s wimpier side in defense of my hospitalized son who was on the receiving end of the split personality students’ fists. Great fun to be the sad Dad who definitely can’t seem to break the jerk cycle.

What They Said:

"Larry's years of stage experience brought instant street cred to our production. His performance in Split made us all try to raise our game."

— Mike Roe, Director/Writer

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